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Model # VC508

List $500  Net $375

SALE $250

Crate Tube-Type "Made-in the USA" Amp!

We have one remaining "Made-in-USA" Crate amp: the Tube-Type "Vintage Club" # VC508.  This unique amp has a single 12AX7 pre-amp tube, driving a single EL84 power amp tube, into an 8" Celestion speaker.  No built-in effects; just a pure 5-watts of tube pre-amp or power-amp overdrive; your choice; it's all in how you dial it up!

It has three knobs: pre-amp gain, active shape tone control, and master gain.  You can add your favorite pedals, as the line-out doubles as an insert jack (or, run your guitar into your pedal board, then into the amp input).  This is a great studio guitar amp, yet if  you want to use this amp on stage, you simply run a Shure SM57 in front of the hot English speaker out to the PA!


Coming Soon!

1974 Crate CR1-R Amp