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"This page is dedicated to my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

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I began in the Music Ministry in 1990 and was Ordained into the Preaching Ministry in 2003.

"Men's Accountability Ministry"

Rev. Dennis E. Champlin

(Photo by Jackie Champlin)

"Lord of My Life"

(Denny Champlin Quartet)

Audio recording of my first Gospel song I wrote in 1989, after I was "born again".  I used a 4-track cassette, and played rhythm guitar, bass, and drums on three tracks, with the vocal and lead guitar on the fourth.  I used a delay/doubler effect on my voice.  Tracking takes about 1-hour to record 1-minute of useable time.  (Photo by Erricka Jones Studio)

"God's Posse"

"God's Posse" is a group of active and retired lawmen who are evangelical Christians; they started out as a prayer and Bible study group, and found they had a common interest in the lawmen of the old "Wild West".  They had an idea they might be able to combine both passions into an active ministry, and here are some examples.  They sing, do skits, and most importantly, they preach the gospel of Christ.  People who may first be attracted to the western get-up will soon find out these guys are the "real McCoy"!  They minister where ever God calls them: Churches, Nursing Homes, and Festivals; anywhere people need the Lord.  Link: Contact Us

"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"

(God's Posse)

"Happy Trails"

(God's Posse)

"Art of Jesus Laughing from Praise Prints"

Christian art and religious gifts by Ralph Kozak.  Featuring inspirational prints, portraits and t-shirts of our Lord Jesus laughing.

Jesus Laughing

Psalm 2:4 "He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh..." NKJV

Texas Billboard

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